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Mould production

Mould production

Mold Department Introduction
Sanming Company specializes in precision plastic mold design and manufacturing solutions. Product application industry: medical equipment, food packaging, household products, small household appliances, packaging containers, digital products, cosmetics, export molds, etc.
Sanming provides one-stop service for customers, from product analysis, mold design, mold manufacturing, injection molding to product assembly and packaging.
The company is equipped with all kinds of new precision production equipment and testing instruments at home and abroad, with experienced technicians and well-trained professional production team. At present, Sanming has about 150 employees, 5 mold design engineers, 10 injection engineers, 20 mold engineers, QC10, and 90 direct operators.
Equipment List
机型 加工精度 品牌 产地 现有数量(台)
荆州车床C6232E-750 0.01(MM) 荷花 国产 1
磨床(Grinding   machine) 0.001(MM) 鼎维 台湾 7
放电加工机(EDM) 0.001(MM) 台一 台湾 8
快线切割机(Wire   EDM) 0.01(MM) 大盈 国产 8
慢线切割机(Wire   EDM) 0.001(MM) SODICK 日本 2
铣床(Milling   machine) 0.01(MM) 莹顺 台湾 6
数值放电加工机(CNC   EDM 镜面火花) 0.001(MM) 铭巨数控 国产 1
中心切削机(CNC   Milling machine) 0.002(MM) 三菱 国产 2
高速中心切削机22000RPM(Hi-speed   CNC Milling machine) 0.001(MM) 佳铁 台湾 2
Instrument list
仪器编号 仪器名称 规格(型号) 数量(PCS)
495914 红外线测温仪 AR300 1
TZ08006 耐磨擦拭验机 TZ2601X 1
351723 灯箱 T60(5) 1
1605218 数显百分表 (0~10)mm 1
860664 ROHS测试仪 EDX8600 1
SM11062906 电子秤 DJS-15A 1
A5001120 色差仪 CM-2300d 1
15041603 指针式推拉力计 NK-20 1
612061 影像测量仪 EV-2515 1
SM-003 电热恒温干燥箱 XMA-600 1
612061 二次元 Easson  1
A5001120 三次元 国产  1

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Dongguan sanming plastic hardware products co., LTD. Is located in dongcheng district, dongguan city, specializing in the development and manufacture of plastic packaging products. PP, PET, PETG, PE and other plastic containers are widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics and chemical industry.

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